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Beware Planet Earth! (2012/ENG)


Beware Planet Earth! (2012/ENG) FREE DESCRIPTION

Luckily for you, Barney is a genius with machines. You give him the materials, he'll make you up some slick defenses. The most basic (and essential) piece of machinery is the cog factory. It bakes up gears that you have to collect, and which act as the currency you need in order to place the other machines along the trail. Barney devises an array of attack machines, made available to you over time. Using just your mouse, drag and drop your towers to open spots in the field. You'll have to strike the right balance between cog machines and towers so you have enough supplies, but also enough firepower to hold the aliens back. After you place a tower, there is a cooldown period before you can place that particular tower again, so you need to plan for that as well.

Beware Planet Earth! (2012/ENG) FREE TRAILER DOWNLOAD


Beware Planet Earth! (2012/ENG) Free PC Game Download

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