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Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream


Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream FREE DESCRIPTION

That campaign is Cold Stream, and it's hopefully the first of many. A four-part trot along a forest watercourse which finds time for crowded sewers and vertiginous bridge-top battles, it sits alongside the events of Left 4 Dead 2 canon, and is built for raw intensity rather than dread. Every single chapter culminates with a make-or-break battle against swarming Infected, and you'll have shot, hacked, pummelled and exploded more than your fair share by the time you reach the tipping point.

The mood can feel a bit bombastic as a consequence: thanks to unceasing pressure from the Horde, there's relatively little time to excavate an area's secrets and build up the trepidation that makes, say, the early stages of Hard Rain so enjoyable. But if the barrage is relentless, the layouts do a solid job of keeping things fresh.

One of the first chapter's trump cards is a sliding tunnel entrance which triggers an upsurge of Infected, giving new force to the phrase "opening a can of worms". The second chapter polishes off with a Gauntlet event which sends you into a sewage pipe, the water sweeping you towards a precipice, and the third transports the group to a towering flyover (here be Grenade Launchers). Early in the fourth, there's a murderous series of waterfalls which can be easily exploited by Versus players to trap Survivors where they can't be rescued.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream Free PC Game Download

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