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In the Afterfall universe the World War II had ended differently.In the final moments of the war, Hitler managed to create his Wunderwaffe – a team of Nazi physicists finished the German atom bomb project. In January 1945, a V-2 rocket armed with a nuclear warhead fell on the Soviet army that was preparing to cross the Polish – German border. Military activities were stopped, and truce talks began. During these talks, first USA and then the USSR developed their own nuclear weapons. The atmosphere became tense.The border between Germany and Vistula wasn't ultimately set and Armia Krajowa or AK announced the creation of New Poland. In the aftermath of the treaties between Germany, USA and the USSR, New Poland became a buffer zone with US military bases spread around its territory.Thus begun the global Cold War. The US invested heavily in the development of Poland, especially its military industrial complex. Poland east of the Vistula and San – Socialist Republic of Eastern Poland - was under Russian influence and Warsaw, as its capital, was surrounded with the Warsaw Wall.In 1960, the rebellious Soviet general Kaiser fired a nuclear missile aimed at one of the USSR’s military bases in the former Eastern Poland. Kaiser announced that if USSR wouldn’t fulfill his demands, then had sixteen more of those missiles to fire. During the next seventeen days the USSR withdrew from the occupied part of Poland and Western Ukraine. Kaiser was proclaimed the Head of State and the era of Totalitarian Poland begun.The USA officially withdrew its army from Polish territories, but secret negotiations continued. They culminated with an unofficial agreement concerning further financial support and technological exchange.In 2011 Germany completed the development of a new bomb. Its real power was a mystery even to the bomb’s creators. One year later, the bomb called Entropy exploded over the English Channel. Whether by accident or part of an intentional action remains a mystery. As a result all of the rockets throughout the Cold War theater locked onto their targets and were fired at the same time. The Third World War became a fact; no one had time to ponder over the nature of that first explosion.Some of the people managed to hide in underground shelters which were a part of vast military complexes. Decades had passed before the first tentative expeditions were sent to the surface.

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Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition Free PC Game Download

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