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Life began in a drop of water. Billions of years of evolution and thousands of mutations resulted in the earth's fauna in its current state. However, as there is a complex evolution from bacteria to an entire civilization - the greatest mystery, which draws the curtains of Spore. Once in an era when the planet's surface was inhabited by only the simplest creatures, you begin to develop them, helping to overcome the stages of evolution. Over time, under your administration will be the greatest civilization in the universe that can go into space in search of new worlds! What's it like - to be a creator of intelligent life? Spore - a new ambitious creation of the legendary Will Wright, creator of SimCity genius and The Sims. For the first time in the history of electronic entertainment you and only you determine what the outside world in the next second. The face of the whole race and its culture in the broadest sense of the word is determined solely by your imagination! Only the creator depends, will get his children of good philosophers or bloodthirsty monsters, they bear a lower knowledge of the people or cruelly enslave neighbors across the galaxy. In Spore no one points out what to do and what to do. It's your world, and you - his boss!


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